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Lasers That Can Look through a 2-Centimeter Gap

Laser technology is making the world a safer place across many sectors, not just in our own field. Scientists at the Harbin Institute of Technology have just created an application for lasers that can look through a 2-centimeter gap, like a keyhole, to map an entire room without being inside it. This could potentially revolutionize… Read more »

Alchemy and American Strength: Laser Innovation in 2015

We have a lot of fun with this blog, whether we’re detailing a product that we sell or reporting on new developments in laser technology. There’s just so much out there to talk about and it’s exciting to be part of something that feels so futuristic but is also impacting numerous industries today. We’ve discussed… Read more »

United States Navy Debuts New Laser Weapons System

Just about every industry finds new uses for laser technology each year, including the military. The Navy specifically has outfitted one of their ships, the USS Ponce, with a new laser weapon. This laser gun was first installed on the ship last summer, and it has been operational for several months. The ship is currently… Read more »

What Is OPALS?

laser asteroid defense system

The capabilities of laser technology are just now being tapped. Nowhere is practical application of lasers being more thoroughly tested than in aeronautical communication. A project dubbed OPALS (Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science) has been in the works for the better part of this year and has proven that Earth to space communications using laser… Read more »

New Use Found for Tattoo Removal Laser

There are many uses for lasers and while they may not always be relevant to your industry, learning about the latest innovations in the field is still a good idea. In fact, people are discovering new uses for existing laser technology all of the time. Take the lasers that are typically used for tattoo removal…. Read more »