Category: Laser Uses

Lasers Essential in Aeronautical Communication

The capabilities of laser technology are just now being tapped. Nowhere is practical application of lasers being more thoroughly tested than in aeronautical communication. A project dubbed OPALS (Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science) has been in the works for the better part of this year and has proven that Earth to Space communications using laser… Read more »

Inventor Creates Real Life Laser Watch

Devices that fired lasers used to be something that people only dreamed of or saw in movies. With today’s technology however, lasers can be used in just about anything. In fact, real life spies are now able to outfit themselves with laser technology the likes of which only fictional characters like James Bond ever got… Read more »

Planes with Laser Cannons

Ever since Star Wars hit the silver screen there have been entire populations of people in the world that have been waiting for the chance to shoot laser beam weapons from aircrafts. Although we aren’t quite up to the technology of flying aircrafts through space easily, other than rockets, we have made advancements in the… Read more »

Laser Measurements of the Earth’s Forests

When it comes to laser alignment and even just alignment tools in general, measurements are the most important component. They are what decide everything for proper and accurate aligning. So what happens to measurements when you are taking a laser far more massive than anything the average human might use, and measure something far more… Read more »

Lasers in Workforce Training

A new day in industrial maintenance is being quickly ushered in, and here at Seiffert Industrial we offer many of the tools you need for ultra precision in factory settings. Machinery downtime during maintenance or repair procedures can kill a company’s profits, and we’re here to help make sure your equipment stays operational for as… Read more »