Planes with Laser Cannons

Ever since Star Wars hit the silver screen there have been entire populations of people in the world that have been waiting for the chance to shoot laser beam weapons from aircrafts.

16587551_SAlthough we aren’t quite up to the technology of flying aircrafts through space easily, other than rockets, we have made advancements in the laser cannon areas.

We have known for a while that the United States military contractors had been able to create a weaponized laser beam, but only recently have we actually seen any turret or device that is meant to mount such a laser weapon.

The ABC Turret was designed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and Lockheed Martin and meant solely to be a turret mounted on an aircraft to provide firing vantage points in a 360-degree direction.

This means this ABC turret can fire in any direction from the fighter jet, and fire above and below it.

It’s hard to imagine such a device even existing, and if we were capable of this kind of turret technology, why hadn’t we made these sooner? Instead most of our fighter jets can only ever fire in front of them.

Regardless, the turret received a full work out and testing to see if it truly could function as well as it had claimed to do.

Although nothing was fired as far as anyone knows, it does seem that the turret passed the base tests and it may not be long now before the air force joins the navy in the laser beam assault.

Truly this does seem too good to be true, but science just keeps advancing and we keep coming up with new ways to weaponize it. It won’t be long now before some scientists figure out how to weaponize the first new form of matter that was discovered when two protons were brought together.

For now, may the lasers be with you.