2-Axis High Precision Digital Level & Machinist Level with built-in Vibrometer

This specific model, the DWL-8500, comes with a variety of features and specifications, all of which combine to allow unparalleled precision, fast results, and so much more.

Just some of the features included in this device are an angle meter, vibrometer, absolute level setting, and a built-in vibrometer.


We offer a selection of high-quality leveling devices from Digi-Pas including the 2-Axis High Precision Digital Machinist Level.

This model even allows for Bluetooth and USB connectivity. If you own an Android tablet or smartphone you can take advantage of the Digi-Pas mobile sync app to get real-time updates remotely.

The DWL-8500 offers several advantages over past models. With the remote reading and app sync capabilities only one person is required to level a machine. Reading results directly from the device has also never been easier.

There is a digital color and numeric display that clearly separates and shows the different readings you need to see at a glance.

With so many great features and a long list of enhanced capabilities, the DWl-8500 is a one of a kind digital leveling device.

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2 Axis High Precision Digital Machinist Level – DWL-8500 Product Brochure

Product Brochure


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