Professional Alignment System for Straightness

The FixturLaser is a simple solution when it comes to measuring straightness. This device can be used on a wide range of systems including everything from machine beds to guide rails. No matter what type of application you need the FixturLaser for, it is a simple device that anyone can use.

In order to make things easy, it comes with a color coded guide that instantly allows you to view measurements and make adjustments. When it comes to measuring straightness, the FixturLaser works by using a laser beam as a reference point. It measures the distance between the beam and the application, and it can identify as many as 99 points at once. Once the measurement points appear, it allows you to register them in the order that works best for you.

This device comes with an angle guide that shows each point as a green colored measurement. In addition, green arrows will guide you towards zero, allowing you to easily adjust without complication. If you are looking for a straightness measurement application, the FixturLaser is the perfect choice. For more information about this remarkable device, contact Seiffert Industrial!