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Bomb-Detecting Lasers Makes the World a Safer Place

We live in an unpredictable and, at times, unsafe world. Americans, in particular, are desperate to feel safe. That is all we really want for our families and ourselves. With the escalating situation in Syria and the continued threat of terrorism (12 years after September 11th), chemical attacks and bombs are all over the headlines…. Read more »

Using Lasers to Control the Weather

We haven’t even neared the full potential and power of lasers. While we use them on a daily basis, specializing in laser alignment, we support their use in any industry, especially if it’s for man’s benefit. When you think of lasers, do you think of the weather as well? If not, perhaps you should… English… Read more »

Professional Alignment System for Straightness

The FixturLaser is a simple solution when it comes to measuring straightness. This device can be used on a wide range of systems including everything from machine beds to guide rails. No matter what type of application you need the FixturLaser for, it is a simple device that anyone can use. In order to make… Read more »

New York’s MTA Considers Lasers In Safety Precautions

Following a series of unfortunate deaths involving the New York subway system, The MTA is developing new strategies to combat the problem. One of the possible solutions to prevent any further tragedies consists of using a laser security system. The MTA is exploring the idea of an alarm system that will send off all sorts… Read more »

Safety Is Key During Factory Maintenance

Simplifying the maintenance process in factories, production plants, and warehouses goes a long way in creating a safe work environment. Our products are designed to meet the demand of your work environment and providing proven, reliable products and exceptional technology to simplify the alignment and measurement needs you have. Keeping the maintenance process simple and… Read more »