The Use of Lasers in Hollywood

Films that use lasersThere are few more powerful and accurate tools in our society than the laser. Shooting a straight beam of pure energy, lasers have many practical applications in our world. Not surprisingly, the unique nature of lasers have also made them a favorite prop on movie sets for some of the most suspenseful and unique film scenes of the last few decades.

Many of us can quickly recall an instance in a major motion picture where the hero has to escape a deadly red beam or sneak around a series of lasers to escape notice. Sequences of death-defying skill in movies like Mission Impossible or Goldfinger are often among the top movie scenes of all-time.

The Top 10 list of the best laser scenes in film history, as put together in this article by science and entertainment website, runs the gamut from suspenseful to comedic. Many of these scenes are from big-budget blockbusters that have been at the forefront of popular culture since they were released, like the Death Star explosion scene in Star Wars. The laser scene where Jeff Bridges is trapped in the computer world of Tron is another classic scene using lasers.

Often, lasers are depicted as weapons of war, with the ability to cut through living matter like cheese. Resident Evil and Congo are two movies where a deadly laser strikes fear into the hearts of good and bad guys alike. Sometimes, the clichés behind lasers can be parodied, giving film stars the chance to have a lot of fun on screen. The Mission Impossible laser scene parody in the Steve Carrell comedy Get Smart is a raucous reimagining of the original heist with a dancing, scantily clad spy.

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