¿Qué son los calentadores de bolas utilizado para?

Calentadores de rodamientosLos rodamientos dentro de máquinas industriales juegan un papel muy importante en la extensión de la vida de su equipo. Estos rodamientos están diseñados para soportar el peso de la fricción que aparece cuando hay partes que gira dentro de las máquinas. Con el fin de asegurar que estos cojinetes son capaces de hacer su trabajo, they must be installed properly through the use of bearing heaters. Continue reading to find what bearing heaters are, how they work, and why they’re so essential.

What are bearing heaters?

Bearing heaters are devices that utilize heat to help with both the assembly and disassembly of bearings as well as gears, sprockets, and other parts inside of a machine. Products like ConeMount bearing heaters will allow you to generate the heat necessary to prepare bearings and other parts to be mounted or dismounted from a machine.

How do they work?

Although they play a vital role when it comes to keeping the bearings for your machines in tip-top shape, bearing heaters are simple tools to use and don’t require much training. They work by heating up the inner ring of a bearing and causing thermal expansion, which makes it easy to mount and dismount bearings. They often reach temperatures of 230 Para 250 degrees Fahrenheit to accomplish this goal.

Why are they essential?

It’s extremely important for any bearings in your machine to be installed properly so that they’re aligned and prepared to deliver the performance you need from them. If you don’t use a bearing heater, there is a good chance that your bearings will break down on you much sooner than expected. They can also cause issues with other aspects of your machines. It’s why you should use bearing heaters to safely heat up your bearings.

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