High Precision Levels

Seiffert Industrial supplies a wide range of laser alignment tools and accessories to maintain the highest level of accuracy. High precision levels allow you to set and adjust finely-tuned equipment to the smallest degree and take fast, convenient and consistent readings. Seiffert Industrial manufactures specialized equipment for a range of industries demanding detailed measurements and utilizes innovative designs to enable intuitive use and superior performance.

Seiffert Industrial’s industrial and machinist vibrometer levels enable you to set-up, repair and maintain your equipment easily at any time.

Calibrate your equipment upon installation or pinpoint any problems by measuring vibrations and degrees of tilt. The vibrometer senses vibrations in machinery on varying frequencies to determine if the equipment is operating properly, while the laser level ensures each piece is even and secure.

The high precision levels are made from durable materials that are resistant to warping and wear so they continue to provide years of reliable, consistent readings.

Browse Seiffert Industrial’s list of precision levels to find the shape, design and sensitivity that is right for your equipment. For more information or to order a custom design, contact Seiffert Industrial today.

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