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If you’re looking for a laser pulley alignment system that’s both durable and compact, the Pulley Partner is the ideal solution for you.

This system is lightweight and simply attaches to the side of any sprocket or pulley magnetically, making it easy to use at any job site or on any project.

Plus, without small parts or targets that can get lost, the Pulley Partner from Seiffert Industrial is a perfect solution for any job.


Product Description

KX-2500 Pulley Partner® – Laser Pulley Alignment Systems

Pulleys are an important part of many industrial organizations and pieces of equipment. It is very important for these pulleys to be correctly aligned so the equipment can run smoothly and efficiently.

Seiffert Industrial offers the Pulley Partner, a premium laser pulley alignment tool, to maintain the efficacy of your pulley systems and keep your project operating as smoothly as possible.

The Pulley Partner is best used for verifying the correct alignment of a pulley system.

This laser tool attaches to either the inside or outside of any pulley using a small but strong magnet. Once attached, you turn on the alignment tools and make the necessary adjustments.

There is no special equipment or training required to use these laser alignment tools, so an adjustment can be made to your equipment at any time by just about anyone. These laser pulley alignment tools can determine alignment inaccuracies on a vertical angle or horizontal angle or identify if two pulleys are offset from one another.

Once the pulleys are aligned, they will extend the life of your machinery and operate the way they were originally designed.

Additional features and advantages of the KX-2500 Pulley Partner alignment system include:

  • Reduced vibration and belt noise
  • Prolonged belt and pulley life
  • Reduced down time and energy costs
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Shows angular, parallel and offset simultaneously
  • No training required
  • One-person operation
  • Greater accuracy and efficiency than any other tool or conventional method
  • Uses proven reflected laser beam technology
  • Comes in its own durable carrying case
  • Used for shots up to 6 feet or longer

For further information about the Pulley Partner, call Seiffert Industrial toll free today at 800-856-0129.

Pulley Partner Product Brochure
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