Stainless Steel Shims

Stainless steel shims are a long-lasting and durable option to adjust spacing or set distances in any industrial or construction application.

Strong and reliable, each of our stainless alignment shims are etched with thickness and size indications to make them readily identifiable for ease of use on any project.

Made In USA


304 Pre-cut Stainless Steel Leveling Shims

Stainless steel shims can be useful in many industrial settings. They can adjust pulleys, doors or other machine components, ensuring proper positioning in a range of applications. Seiffert Industrial’s stainless steel shims are very effective as built to last for years of use on your projects.

The stainless steel alignment shims from Seiffert Industrial are extremely strong, and they can maintain their shape despite considerable pressure and wear.

The shims are specially designed to perform in an industrial setting, including specialized technical situations.

With pre-cut shims, you do not have to worry about any bumps or irregularities in the metal – each shim has been finished to ensure a smooth, burr-free fit to provide the most precise measurement and spacing.

You can carefully adjust your equipment with the many size shims available, so everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Additional information

Pre-Cut Stainless Steel Shim Sizes

Size A:
2×2 inch with a 5/8 inch slot

Size B:
3×3 inch with a 13/1 inch slot

Size C:
4×4 inch with a 1 1/4 inch slot

Size D:
5×5 inch with a 1 5/8 inch slot

Pre-Made Shim Kits

Standard Kit Includes:
20 shims (of all 13 different thicknesses) & a metal carrying case

Starter Kit Includes:
10 shims (of all 13 different thicknesses) & a metal carrying case

Jobber Kit Includes:
20 shims (of 8 different thicknesses) & a metal carrying case

We also have replacement packs available to expand your selection or replace lost, damaged or destroyed shims.

To learn more about our stainless steel alignment shims or to inquire about our new corrosion-resistant steel shims, call Seiffert Industrial today at 800-856-0129.