KX-6550-ST-TB Professional Training Package


The KX-6550-ST-TB is a complete training package for laser alignment and proper belt tensioning training. This professional training package includes the KX-6550-ST with our very popular Belt Installation & Maintenance Tool Box. The tool box includes a Pulley PRO laser pulley alignment tool, a Sonic Belt Tension Meter and assorted accessories for those comprehensive training sessions.

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KX-6550-ST-TB: Belt Installation & Maintenance Tool Box, including: Alignment & Belt Tensioning Trainer

1 ea.     KX-6550-ST            Belt Alignment and Belt Tensioning Simulator
1 ea.     KX-3550                  PULLEY PRO “GREEN”
1 ea.     KX-1250Set            Offset Bracket Kit
1 ea.     7420 0508               508C Sonic Tension Meter
1 ea.     7420 0205               Flat Flexible Sensor
1 ea.     7401 0014               Sheave Gauge
4 ea.     “AAA”                     Batteries
1 ea.     BM86-60-258SI      Carry Case
1 ea.     KX-3500S               Operators Instruction Manual on CD



Belt Alignment Simulator KX-6550-ST Brochure

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