KX-6850-ST-TB Professional Training Package

The KX-6850-ST is a complete training package for laser alignment and proper belt tensioning training. This professional training package includes the KX-6550-ST with our very popular Belt Installation & Maintenance Tool Box. The tool box includes a Pulley PRO laser pulley alignment tool, a Sonic Belt Tension Meter and assorted accessories for those comprehensive training sessions.

Made In USA
Shaft or Pulley Alignment Tool


This package improves worker performance by providing superior belt alignment and tensioning training.

In the KX-6850-ST-TB Professional Training Package, you will find:

Pulley PRO® Green Belt Alignment Tool
Alignment and Belt Tensioning Training
Part No. KX-6850-ST
Rugged but lightweight
Strong A-frame assembly
Belts & Pulleys included


Belt Installation & Maintenance Tool Box
Check our “Features” tab for toolbox contents


Made in the USA
1 ea. KX-6550-ST Belt Alignment and Belt Tensioning Simulator
1 ea. KX-3550 PULLEY PRO “GREEN”
1 ea. KX-1250Set Offset Bracket Kit
1 ea. 7420 0508 508C Sonic Tension Meter
1 ea. 7420 0205 Flat Flexible Sensor
1 ea. 7401 0014 Sheave Gauge
4 ea. “AAA” Batteries
1 ea. BM86-60-258SI Carry Case
1 ea. KX-3500S Operators Instruction Manual

Belt Alignment Simulator KX-6850-ST Brochure