KX-3550 PulleyPro® Belt Installation & Maintenance Toolbox

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The belt installation and pulley maintenance tool box from Seiffert Industrial allows you to store and transport everything you need for new drive belt installation in one convenient case. Because we understand that every industrial setting has different needs, we have several product choices available, including the option to buy this durable carrying case if you already own the contents!

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PulleyPro for Belt Tensioning


Carry everything you need to install and align a new drive belt in one case!

This drive belt installation & pulley maintenance toolbox includes padded compartments for the Sonic Tension Meter 508C, KX-3550 PulleyPro®, as well as:

• Offset Bracket Kit
• Extra Batteries
• Flat Flexible Sensor
• Inductive Sensor
• Cord Sensor
• Sheave Gauges

Additional information

Belt Installation Toolbox Packages

Package Includes:
KX-3550 PulleyPro®
508C Sonic Tension Meter
Durable Toolbox / Carrying Case

Carrying Case

Already own the contents of this package?
To purchase the durable toolbox / carrying case alone, use Part Number: 100086-CFS
Carrying Case is made from high density hard polyethylene with die cut foam insert.


Belt Installation and Maintenance Toolbox
• Fit the Laser Alignment Tool and Sonic Tension Meter in one toolbox

KX-3550 PulleyPro® GREEN
• Prolongs belt & pulley life
• Reduces down time & energy costs
• One-person operation
• Reduces vibration & belt noise
• Fast & easy to use
• Built-in LED flashlight
• Shows angular, parallel, and offset simultaneously
• No training required

In addition,

KX-3550 PulleyPro® GREEN
• Used for shots up to 15ft (4.6m) or better
• Green is 10x’s brighter than red


Belt Installation & Maintenance Toolbox Compartments

KX-3550 PulleyPro® GREEN Data

Pulley Alignment, Belt Tensioning and Shaft Alignment Trainer