Seiffert Industrial’s Capabilities

At Seiffert Industrial, we have invested in the latest and most advanced CNC and tooling technology to maintain a world class quality product manufactured at our Texas facility. Keeping production in the USA allows us to control our quality and manage a consistent product schedule for on-time deliveries.

It is extremely important to us that we are always ensuring organization of our laser alignment system production. This means laser etching each of our low maintenance laser alignment systems with the serial number and manufacturing date, providing a permanent, high-quality identification. We require this in our production process in order to have record of each system for future calibration.

Preserving an in-house design team grants us the opportunity to provide a quick and efficient turn-around time for an array of services including:
  • New Product Development
  • Modifications
  • Custom Laser Alignment Systems
This gives us the flexibility to control the design process from start to finish, with the capability to make changes on the fly when needed.