Since 1991, Seiffert Industrial has specialized in providing precision laser alignment systems for an assortment of industries, including those in the industrial and aerospace markets.

Bill Seiffert, who built his reputation during his tenure as national sales and product manager for one of the largest laser manufactures in the world (Industrial Alignment Group), created the company in Richardson, Texas.


Impressively, Mr. Seiffert holds two patents in the United States, and is a co-author on a third one.

The first patent is for the Pulley Partner®. This innovative patent is based off the development of a new tool for laser pulley alignment.

A few years after that successful endeavor, Mr. Seiffert created the new patented RollCheck®, which increased the swiftness and efficiency of parallel roll alignment by using laser this new technology.

Another impressive feature of our businesses occurred recently when our company was selected by Vibralign to serve as the US Distributor for FixturLaser geometric laser alignment systems.

The FixturLaser Geometric Alignment equipment is the best and most well-known laser systems on the market.

FixturLaser means user friendly, also means being fast! With the FixturLaser graphical user interface, you do not have to waste time on refreshing your memory or on second guessing yourself during the actual work; the user interface guides you throughout the entire measurement and adjustment or alignment process.

We’re extremely happy to be chosen to sell such high-quality equipment with its remarkable degree of user-friendliness.

However, what has truly made our business successful is our dedication to simplifying the laser alignment and measurement needs of a specific marketplace.

Even if we can’t find a current solution, we can customize or design a new alignment tool to ensure your needs are met.

Whether it’s belt tensioning tools, roll alignment, pulley alignment, stainless steel alignment shims, bearing heaters or pointing lasers, we will find a solution to help improve the efficiency of your business.

Parallel and Line Laser Alignment

Our wide product selection can be used for precision alignment application for many instances, including laser pulley alignments and parallel roll alignments.

In fact, we have rental systems for roll laser alignment, bore alignment, precision self-leveling laser – which happens to be ideal for a variety of usages – including flange and in bore alignment.

Additionally, it can be used for flattening, leveling and straightening purposes.

Also another product we feature is sheave or pulley alignment, which is designed to reduce the premature failure of bearings, pulleys and belts.

This reduction is sure to increase productivity in your workplace.

Should you have an issue with belt tensioning, our Gates Sonic Tension Meter is the perfect tool for consistent and accurate readings. This product is especially useful to those in the manufacturing and machining industry.

Examples of industries we work with include oil and gas, refining and traditional power and wind-powered generations. Additionally, our tools can be quite useful to businesses in the chemical industry and the manufacturing/machining industry. Other businesses we work with include marine, pulp, paper, and steel markets. However, we have and can help many other companies.