Alignment & Belt Tensioning Trainer KX-6550-ST

The KX-6550-ST is a rugged but lightweight multi-purpose pulley alignment and belt tensioning trainer. It is an exceptional tool for alignment and proper belt tension training. It is developed for the needs of the professional instructor. The KX-6550-ST is designed with a strong A-Frame assembly with a durable powder coat paint finish a hard black anodized base, adjustable shaft centers for different belt sizes along with laser etched reference lines, 12”-14” and 14”-16”. 1” diameter 304 stainless steel shafts with precision bearings, jack bolts, rubber feet and locking knurled knobs to keep the shafts from rotating. Belt and pulleys are also included.

Approximate size and weight, 28.0″ L x 8″ W x 10.0″ H, 37 lbs



Belt Alignment Simulator KX-6550-ST

  • 8” wide x 28” long 10” tall
  • 37 lbs
  • Powder Coat Yellow Paint Finish
  • A-Frame assembly
  • Hard black anodize base
  • Adjustable shaft center to center for different belt sizes
  • Laser etched reference lines
  • 12”-14”, 14”-16”
  • 1” 304 stainless steel shaft with 0.250 x 2.0 key way
  • Jack screws
  • Rubber feet, and locking knob to fix shafts from rotating.

Belt Alignment Simulator KX-6550-ST Brochure

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