Cone Bearing Heater from ConeMount

At Seiffert Industrial, we offer high-quality cone mounts for bearing maintenance.

With our ConeMount bearing heaters, your bearings will last as long as possible. Before you install any type of bearing, it’s important to heat them properly.

The ConeMount allows you to do this easily and doesn’t require any training.



Our ConeMount bearing heaters heat a variety of bearing types.

It is extremely portable and is non-magnetizing in order to keep your bearings in top shape.

All ConeMount products come with a one-year warranty. These products have an aluminum cone, and they come with a 250F temperature indicator.

They are available in either 120V or 220/240V, and they include an 8-foot power cord.

Take advantage of our ConeMount bearing heater by getting in touch with the team at Seiffert Industrial!

Standard Bearing Heaters
  • Light Duty ConeMount Bearing Heater, 3/8″ – 5 3/4″ (10 – 145 MM), 10″H X 10″W, 725 Watts
    Model B – BH-02-B
  • Light-to-Heavy Duty, 3/4″ – 5 3/4″ (20 – 145 MM), 10″H X 10″W, 725 Watts
    Model B – BH-02-C
Automatic Bearing Heater

Temperature is monitored with thermostat preset at 250°/121° –  When the inner race reaches 250°/121°, the unit and control light shut off
Model Super – BH-02-S


  • Flexible – Each unit is designed to heat a wide range of bearings.
  • Portable – Most units weight 7 lbs. or less so they can easily be moved close to the equipment being maintained.
  • Non-Magnetizing – Electric current is not applied to the bearing. Resistance elements heat the unit, which in turn heats the bearing, preventing magnetization.
  • Affordable – ConeMount units are priced economically for maintenance and repair operations.
  • Easy to Use – Simply follow the short instruction guide. No complex manuals or training are necessary.
  • Reliable – The simple design of ConeMount units promotes a long product life. Units are warranted for one year.


  • 250F temperature indicator crayon
  • Aluminum cone for fast, even heat transfer
  • Made in the USA and readily available from stock
  • 8 ft. 3-wire power cord Safety guard
  • Available in 120V or 220/240V
  • Ten Year Warranty

Bearing Heaters Brochure

Bearing Heaters Brochure

ConeMount Data Sheet

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