A Gingerbread House Brought To You By Lasers


Laser Alignment

Photo courtesy Johan von Konow
Source: wired.com

In the spirit of Christmas, we stumbled across a story involving lasers and the traditional holiday favorite Gingerbread house. Gingerbread, although eaten all year round, became a European tradition for Christmas and has spread over to American culture. Today we devour Gingerbread cookies and the ginger flavor has started to mix in many of our favorite everyday treats like coffee, donuts, and other sweets.


The gingerbread house is a combination of creativity, fun and sweets. Quite the blend of entertainment and deliciousness to share with your child during the holidays. For some families it’s a tradition to spend a weekend putting together a house with candy, icing, Christmas decorations and holiday theming.


Putting it together requires a large amount of patience and effort, but once put together, it’s a great decoration for your home. An engineer took it to a completely new level when he used lasers to precisely cut the large pieces of ginger bread. In an article on wired magazine, they interviewed Johan von Konow and got his take on the house.


“You can buy pre-baked parts for a standard house, but it’s more fun to build your own,” said Von Konow. “It would be quite tricky to handle soft parts in the laser engraver without distorting their shape. Therefore we first baked gingerbread dough sheets and then cut the parts with the laser engraver.”


“The biggest problem with the cutting was the smell,” said the engineer. “Lasers tend to create a lot of smoke, and this one was worse than usual. It was something between burned cake and burned hair.”


He also mentioned how the project became inedible because of the use of these lasers, but if you’re not one to eat it, it could be fun to try something like this in the future. Our lasers are not really used for cutting, but rather for alignment and measuring precisely. Either way, it’s pretty cool to see.