A Guide to Buying a Laser Shaft Alignment System

Laser Shaft Alignment Systems

Thinking of buying a laser shaft alignment system? These systems are known for properly aligning machinery so they can operate at peak performance, and they help extend the life of machinery as well. Pinpoint accuracy is one of their chief strengths.

What are some things to think about when buying a laser shaft alignment system?

Single vs Dual Lasers

Are you going to get a system that has single-laser technology or dual-laser technology? Keep in mind that dual-laser technology involves having to adjust two lasers and two sensors– so they’re a little more involved than single-laser systems. Why choose a single-laser system? Well, they have a “freeze frame measurement” capability, so you can complete measurements when halted midway through a job because of the amount of misalignment. This is better than having to restart. Also, dual-laser systems don’t handle gross misalignments well.

Right System Fits

If you’re looking at a system that requires a “rough alignment,” that one can cost more to operate since it will demand more moves, making it a bit time-consuming.

System Measurements and Variables

You’ll want to know if the system shows a visual quality-factor assessment indication as measurement is underway versus only after the measurement is finished. Obviously, to save time, you’d prefer to get feedback during measurement so things can be adjusted as needed, rather than waiting until the measurement is finished.

Does the system allow measurements to easily be shared with others so they can help figure out “next steps?” It’s great if measurement data can be evaluated/qualified remotely via “the cloud.”

Finally, find out if the system automatically handles uncoupled shafts or if it requires manual efforts to position shafts at the correct relative angle.

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