All the Things You Should Know About Laser Shaft Alignment

Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

Sure, you could use a straight edge. Or a dial indicator. What about calipers? Maybe optics? And then there are feeler gauges. But when you need to align a shaft, what’s the best tool of choice? It’s a laser shaft alignment tool.

How Laser Shaft Alignment Works

Lasers are high-tech, with a laser emitter and a laser sensor involved. A laser beam of light shoots across the shaft to the sensor in a single-beam setup or a dual beam setup. Either way, thanks to the laser, the shaft gets rotated to find the center lines of rotation between the two shafts. Offsets or angular misalignments can be corrected. The goal? To get a perfect alignment– and it is possible thanks to laser technology. 

Laser Shaft Alignment Benefits

Laser shaft alignment has some benefits. What are the facts? Well, for starters, when you use laser shaft alignment tools you’re actually doing something good for the environment. When machinery is properly aligned then it works well and doesn’t waste energy. Over time, you won’t need as many replacement parts (or need them as often as you would if you don’t align the machinery)… And when you’re not ordering more parts, then you’re not consuming more materials to get items shipped to you, which also pollutes the environment. 

Laser Shaft Alignment: The Bottom Line

Saving the environment is one thing, but then there’s the two issues most businesses worry even more about: time and money. How can you save both of them? Laser shaft alignment means that you can eliminate down time– the machinery works when and how you want it to rather than “being broken and needing fixing.” Furthermore, a perfectly aligned machine can help predict production time and better meet delivery schedules. Meanwhile, the working environment is improved– you get less leakage and vibrations so fluids aren’t getting out and harming the air or ground and noises aren’t as noisy which is a good thing for workers’ ears. 

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