Category: Laser Uses

Using Lasers to Control the Weather

We haven’t even neared the full potential and power of lasers. While we use them on a daily basis, specializing in laser alignment, we support their use in any industry, especially if it’s for man’s benefit. When you think of lasers, do you think of the weather as well? If not, perhaps you should… English… Read more »

Infrared Analysis and Laser Line Systems

Whether you work in the oil and gas industry or you deal with chemical processes, infrared analysis is an important tool that comes with several benefits. By taking advantage of a laser’s diffraction patterns, you can analyze a wide variety of properties in various substances and materials. By using a laser to measure particles, you… Read more »

The Benefits of Laser Line Systems

There are several benefits when it comes to using pointing and laser line systems in an industrial environment. No matter what type of commercial building you own or manage, a laser line system can help you complete a wide range of projects. For one thing, laser line systems allow you to accurately measure areas over… Read more »

Laser Alignment Accuracy

Welcome to the official blog of Seiffert Industrial. We created this to connect with our customers, and also provide additional information on what we are doing, as well as industrial trends and different projects. Seiffert Industrial has been a leader in laser alignment since 1991, and embraces the challenge of providing the most accurate measurements… Read more »