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Laser Eyes on Self-Driving Robots

We have officially become a sci-fi society. No, while they’re aren’t robots walking and talking or aliens ghosting in the skies and sending us messages, there are still oodles of technological advancements that sometimes life seems like an episode of The Jetsons – that might make you nervous, but at Seiffert Industrial we find that… Read more »

Using Lasers to Diagnose Abnormal Tissue

In recent posts, we have discussed the implications that lasers have in military technology. This of course means weapons, which can unsettle a lot of people, and with good reason: since we are a society reared on sci-fi movies, it can be difficult separating lasers from destruction. How many times have you seen a laser… Read more »

Pig Skin Isn’t Just for Footballs Anymore

Believe it or not, but researchers have made pig-skin lasers. The technology outlined in a paper published in Nature Photonics, showed that pumping light into fat cells could turn them into tiny, self-contained lasers. The microlaser technique could afford scientists new ways to study and use cells. The team at Harvard University turning cells into… Read more »

The World’s Most Powerful Laser

Lasers are the most iconic form of science fiction ever created – everyone remembers watching the Death Star blow up Alderaan for the first time. Then again, considering just how quickly laser technology has been advancing, giant lasers aren’t exactly fiction anymore; they are more than just the dreams of mad scientists. Not too long… Read more »

Facebook, Drones, Lasers, and Internet

How much new ground can Facebook actually make? It seems like every day the corporate behemoth is rolling out something exciting that is guaranteed to change the world as we know it. Their latest project will accomplish all that and more. It also might be the most socially conscious of their ideas to date, although… Read more »