Choosing the Right Shaft Alignment

Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

Seiffert Industrial, a proud American company based in Richardson, Texas, sells laser shaft alignment tools. How do you choose the right one?

Considerations When Selecting the Right Laser Alignment System

The first thing to consider is whether to get a single-laser alignment tool or a dual-laser one. Keep in mind that the dual-laser tool requires adjusting two lasers and two sensors. This takes more time and leaves some room for error(s). Dual-laser tools don’t handle many gross misalignments well because their laser beam moves off the detector during measurement rotation. Single-laser tools, on the other hand, have what’s known as a freeze-frame measurement so the user can still complete measurements even if they stop midway through a job.

If you get an alignment tool that recommends pre-alignment or involves a rough alignment, they’ll cost more to operate. This kind of tool will require more moves and take more time to complete a job.

If you get a cloud-based shaft alignment system, then data from that system can be checked remotely. This helps when there’s a team working on a project but not everyone can be in the same place at the same time. Teams can collaborate remotely with cloud-based systems.

When considering laser alignment tools, if you get a chance to check out the software, do so. You can see if it’s easy for an inexperienced user to use and understand– or not. Does the software offer precise feedback instantly while making misalignment corrections? Ideally, the software should help a technician complete their job quickly and efficiently.

As you can imagine, there are lots of questions when it comes to finding the right laser alignment tool. Luckily, Seiffert Industrial can provide you with answers; Just call 1-800-856-0129 for more information. And if you have some time to watch videos, check out our collection.