Get More Out Of Your Belt Driven Equipment

Proper alignment of any belt driven equipment is essential for proper production and efficiency in maximizing production flow and profitability.  There are plenty of advantages in our alignment systems for pulleys.  They prolong belt and pulley life, reduce down time and energy costs, and are more accurate and efficient than any other tool or conventional method.  We have developed the Laser Pulley Partner to assist in getting more out of your belt driven equipment.  We use our proven reflected laser beam technology for maximum angular resolution, thus providing you with the most reliable and accurate readings no other method or tool can match.

The Pulley Partner laser pulley alignment system is lightweight, compact and durable. One person can operate this alignment system and no training is required.  No matter the size of the pulley, the laser system can magnetically attach and spans up to 6 feet or more.  Laser and an opposing reflector plate create a reference line on the reflector indicating offset and vertical angle misalignment immediately. The Pulley Partner is one of the easiest and simplest tools to use.  You’ll be able to cut down on your costs dramatically.  We carry three additional models of Pulley Partners in the LRS, ES and PRO Green. The PRO green is more advantageous for users since it includes: brighter, more visible laser line, enhanced optics, larger reflective surface, and excellent angular resolution.