Here’s Why Laser Belt Alignment is Superior to Traditional Alignment Methods

Are you still using a straight edge, ruler, or string to align your belts? While many people stick with such traditional alignment methods, keep in mind that belts have tolerances to meet. And today’s technology has a tool that works better than traditional methods– the laser alignment tool.

Digital Laser Alignment Systems

Laser Belt Alignment

Using a laser beam that’s absolutely straight (and weightless) is like using a ruler in two dimensions at the same time. You can see any misalignment of the pulleys both horizontally and vertically at the same time. This is faster and easier than using a ruler to check vertical parallelism. Laser belt alignment is not only accurate but also helps lessen downtime.

Why utilize a digital tool? It has the power to document the result(s). You can see offsets in mm or inches, as well as horizontal/vertical angles “live” at the same time. This way you can satisfy the machine manufacturer’s specifications and your company’s applicable standards according to ISO. Digital laser tools are reliable– better than an engineer’s eyesight. They help with quality assurance.

Traditional Laser Alignment Methods

Traditional methods are more time-consuming and not always efficient. With laser tools, there’s a better chance that your belt alignments will be performed properly, especially when replacing belts. When belts are aligned properly, they run with minimal wear.

If you want to extend the service life of belts and bearings while reducing vibration and noise levels, utilize laser belt alignment tools. These tools can be designed to align the faces of the pulleys or their grooves. No matter what the thickness, brand type or face quality, you can expect your pulleys to be aligned accurately thanks to the use of laser belt alignment tools.

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