How CNC Machine Shops can Improve Efficiency

CNC machine

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine shops manipulate shop tools using computer programming inputs. Basically, this is a way to utilize computers to do efficient work in manufacturing shops to save money and resources while bolstering operating efficiency. In the old days, it took a lot of human brain power to make a machine shop operate efficiently. Today, that brain power involves smart computers who help “do the work” of many people.

Improving Efficiency

CNC machine shops are all about productivity and efficiency. Ultimately, operational efficiency is measured by the quality of parts produced. Obviously, if you owned a factory where parts were made, you’d want all the parts to turn out exactly as you intend them to be– without mistakes or errors. Therefore, you’d notice things like ratios of how many piece parts are made compared to the number of scrappers, how much time is spent setting up a part compared to how much time it’s machined, and how many labor hours are used for value-adding tasks versus non-value adding tasks, all in the name of efficiency. 

Ideally, the productivity of a CNC machine shop can be improved with proper technical and production planning, excellent inventory management, having a decent man-to-machine ratio (with operator skills), and well-maintained toolings and machines that can provide maximum outputs. 

Improving efficiency may involve things like eliminating unnecessary and non-value-adding metrics, minimizing waste, investing in reliable tools and machines, and maximizing the tooling and machine capabilities you already have in your possession.

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