How to Use Laser Alignment Tools

Man using laser pulley alignment equipment

Why do machines often fail? It’s usually because they have some degree of misalignment. For example, connecting shafts need to be tested and re-aligned, often, in order to keep machines working properly. Machinery maintenance is crucial if you want the machines to do their jobs the right way and not waste money.

Aligning Industrial Machinery

So, if you want to align machinery, you could use a feeler gauge, calipers, a straightedge, etc. But what’s most efficient these days? It’s got to be laser shaft alignment tools. These tools are fast and extremely precise thanks to laser technology.

Pre-Alignment Checks

When using laser alignment tools, first do a pre-alignment check. Tighten bolts, eliminate obvious soft footing, and perform a rough alignment. Next, mount sensors to shafts or hubs. Turn on your laser tool and follow the screen prompts. This typically involves entering dimensions and selecting tolerances. Then perform readings and correct misalignments as needed.

Adjust Machinery

Laser alignment tools can be used to adjust machinery. Oftentimes, machines will vibrate too much, or lose energy when they shouldn’t… and there can be extreme temperature fluctuations as well as coupling, bearing and seal failures. When laser alignment tools are used, these problems can be detected and corrected. It’s a good idea to look over machinery every once in a while to notice worn components or anything that seems shifted out-of-place.

Use laser alignment tools to reduce costly downtime and to assess shaft conditions, correcting vertical and horizontal planes as needed.

Laser Alignment Tools for Sale

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