Is My Laser Shaft Alignment Tool Accurate Enough?

man using laser calibration & repair tools

Are your machines aligned properly? If they’re not, you need to use an alignment tool to determine what needs to be done to get them back into alignment so they’re not costing you excess time and money. 

Now in the old days, alignment would have been done with a visual inspection by human eyes, and sometimes that worked and other times it didn’t. Furthermore, people used things like straightedges or rulers. Maybe they used gauge blocks or dial indicators. These methods weren’t ideal because they weren’t always reliably accurate. Then came laser alignment tools and they were a game changer.

Laser Shaft Alignment Tools Deliver the Most Accurate Readings

So, if you’re using a laser shaft alignment tool these days, is it accurate enough? The answer is “yes!” Laser tools are designed such that they deliver accuracy down to 0.001mm. That said, not all laser tools are “made equal,” so you might have one that’s not perfectly accurate for whatever reason. Accuracy can vary depending on sensors, how tools are used, operating conditions and the application they’re used for… What about unintended movements? Maybe your tool can only provide approximate positional estimates based on static measurements. Or perhaps the application is quite complex and the tool just can’t handle the job. Though you’ll more than likely get accurate results using most laser alignment tools, there’s always the chance that you might not. They’re close to perfect but they’re not perfect. 

Ideally, those who use laser alignment tools should have received some training such that they’re aware of certain things that could affect alignment. Factors like temperature, moving air, dust and vibrations can compromise accuracy. Sometimes it takes a human to discern whether or not the device worked well– or not! 

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