Laser Alignment Should be a Top Priority for Industrial Operations

Why is laser alignment important? When you have correctly aligned machines, then you can avoid breakdowns and downtime. This, in turn, saves your company money. Rather than using old technology to get the job done, it makes sense to switch to laser alignment tools because they have many benefits.

Man using laser pulley alignment equipment

Laser Alignment is Faster, More Accurate and More Efficient Than Traditional Methods

Compared to old-fashioned methods, like dial gauges or straight edge methods, laser alignment is much quicker and, thankfully, 100 percent accurate to boot! Meanwhile, laser alignment tools are easy to use and quick to set up– you don’t have to do complicated calculations on your own. And you don’t have to worry about inaccurate values– lasers are extremely reliable with their measurements. Furthermore, you can generate PDF reports directly from most laser alignment tools, documenting your results. In fact, you can generate reports both before and after you do the alignment(s).

Advanced Detections

When you want a broader picture along with speed and precision to save you money, laser alignment tools make sense. They can detect things like “soft foot” and weak foundations. The tools usually pay for themselves within a couple of months.

Laser alignment tools give the same results no matter what, so if you require a disciplined and repeatable process, they’re a logical choice.

Finding the Right Laser Alignment Tools

Once your equipment is properly aligned then you can expect reduced energy consumption, which is good for the environment and your company’s bottom line, too. After all, machines out of alignment use more electricity to operate than machines in alignment.

Looking to buy error-free, high-resolution laser alignment tools for your company? Want to eliminate the mistakes that are typically made with old technology? Call Seiffert Industrial (of Richardson, Texas) to ask about currently available laser alignment tools– the number is 1-800-856-0129. You can also use the online contact page.