Laser Weapon Technologies

Here on the Seiffert Industrial blog, we have to work really hard to dispel many of the misconceptions, however intriguing, have developed over the years about laser technologies. The photon pistols of science fiction have remained a part of science fiction since they were dreamed up for films.

The near future may just hold new applications for laser weapon technologies, as this blog post from Armed With Science, the official science blog of the United States Department of Defense, reports. Ships being built now for the U.S. Navy’s fleet will be outfitted with laser weapons designed to work in ways that are remarkably similar to the phasers of Star Trek fame.

The program manager of the NAVSEA directed energy and electric weapons division, Navy Capt. Mike Ziv, explained in the post that the Navy has had a singular focus on developing laser weapon technologies for the battlefield. The laser weapon system, referred to by the acronym LaWS, has been developed by NAVSEA for installation on the USS Ponce, currently being built for the Navy.

Users could actually set these lasers to stun to provide meaningful results against an enemy’s attack craft and vehicles. Small boats and unmanned aircraft could have their systems scrambled by the laser signal given off by this weaponry. Navy Capt. Ziv sees the technology as part of a more complex, layered attack strategy for the future of battle.

The Navy is also looking at other cost-effective weapons systems for its ships, such as rail guns that could be mounted on a ship’s hull. The USS Ponce should complete construction during the summer of 2014, which means that the introduction of this exciting laser technology to the world is fairly imminent.

The energy efficient focus of laser beams make them a great solution for many industrial problems, whether for the military or for manufacturing. For factory settings, Seiffert Industrial has the laser alignment tools you need to complete precision manufacturing work. Check our website to see our current inventory of laser alignment systems for sale.