New Use Found for Tattoo Removal Laser

There are many uses for lasers and while they may not always be relevant to your industry, learning about the latest innovations in the field is still a good idea.

12960704_SIn fact, people are discovering new uses for existing laser technology all of the time.

Take the lasers that are typically used for tattoo removal.

According to a new study, researchers have determined that this same laser may be useful when it comes to treating acne and facial scars.

The study only involved a handful of people, but the results are certainly noteworthy.

A picosecond pulse duration laser was used on the same participants six times over a several month long period.

After all sessions were complete, it was found that on average acne scars were reduced by as much as 50 percent.

This study is significant because the laser currently used for acne and scar treatment, the fractional ablative laser, has worse side effects.

It can take months to heal after the treatment process, which is much longer than it took the tattoo removal laser.

While results aren’t conclusive enough for this to gain widespread use yet, in the future we may be seeing the picosecond pulse duration laser used in a variety of ways.

The company behind the laser is already seeking FDA approval that would allow it to be used for acne treatment outside of this study.

New technology and research is constantly changing how we use lasers.

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