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Lasers That Can Look through a 2-Centimeter Gap

Laser technology is making the world a safer place across many sectors, not just in our own field. Scientists at the Harbin Institute of Technology have just created an application for lasers that can look through a 2-centimeter gap, like a keyhole, to map an entire room without being inside it. This could potentially revolutionize… Read more »

Laser Weapon Technologies

Here on the Seiffert Industrial blog, we have to work really hard to dispel many of the misconceptions, however intriguing, have developed over the years about laser technologies. The photon pistols of science fiction have remained a part of science fiction since they were dreamed up for films. The near future may just hold new… Read more »

Lasers and Nuclear Fusion

We love discussing the ever-increasing applications for lasers here on the Seiffert Industrial blog. Our laser-guided precision and alignment systems have plenty of exciting applications for industrial manufacturing projects, but we’re always interested to find out about new and practical uses for lasers in our modern world. Now, it seems that laser technology may provide… Read more »

The Benefits of Using the Pulley Pro Green

No matter what type of industry you work in, a laser pulley alignment system is always useful. However, when you are going to invest time and money into laser alignment technology, it is important to get the best of the best. With the Pulley Pro Green, you will gain all the benefits of having one… Read more »

The Laser

We use lasers on almost all of our equipment.  Our patented reflected laser beam technology makes our tools 20 times more accurate than any other laser alignment system on the market.  We wanted to take time to give a brief summary on where the laser comes from, and how it helps you as a consumer. … Read more »