Use Downtime to Make Sure Machines Are Properly Aligned

Laser Alignment Systems Aligning Machine

What is downtime? It’s the time during which a machine is out of action or unavailable for use. It also means a time of reduced activity or inactivity. Companies don’t typically like having downtime because time is money, and downtime costs money.

If you work in a building where there are machines, you know that you rely on those machines to work well so they (and you) can get the job done, right? But sometimes there’s downtime. Perhaps a machine is broken, so it needs to be fixed and the part is “not in yet” or the person who can fix it “can’t come until next week.” When this happens, you have downtime. Things aren’t “as usual.”

Use Downtime to Your Company’s Advantage

Downtime can be quite costly to a company. Therefore, if it is going to happen (and it probably will at some point, whether planned or not) it’s best to utilize downtime to one’s advantage. For example, you can use downtime to make sure machines are aligned.

What if you have machines that include roll alignment, and that alignment hasn’t been checked in a while? Proactively and strategically use downtime to assess alignments of your various machines. You might find problems you didn’t even know you had– and then you can correct them. This corrective maintenance will help improve your company’s performance, and may very well prevent severe machine damage.

These days you can use modern laser alignment tools to check the alignment of your machines. The measuring process is simple and quick, and you can get immediate results. Unlike optical measurement systems, laser tools don’t require any line of sight.

Where can you get quality laser alignment tools? Seiffert Industrial should be your supplier! Call 1-800-856-0129 to discuss your needs. Don’t waste downtime– use it to your advantage to check up on things that matter, like alignments.