What Are the Advantages of Belt Tension Meters?

Sonic Belt Tensioning Meter

What’s a tension meter? It’s a device used to measure tension in belts or other things such as wires and cables. Just like other measuring devices, a tension meter needs frequent calibration.

The Advantages of Belt Tension Meters

What are some advantages of belt tension meters? If you’re looking for precise, accurate measurements, you’ll get them. Reliability is also a benefit. A properly calibrated belt tension meter should be a reliable performer, measuring tension accurately and consistently. You can also get a paper trail readout from the meter so you have a record of what was done. This traceability output helps in mapping the instrument’s calibration and drift patterns.

Finally, tension meters adhere to industry standards and government regulations, ensuring safe and proper usage (and aiding in passing the auditing process). 

The Advantages of Gates Sonic Tension Meter

Seiffert Industrial sells the Gates Sonic Tension Meter, which measures belt tension by analyzing the harmonic characteristics of a vibrating belt, unlike the force deflection method which involves analyzing force to the belt. This “new technology” is smarter and will help your company ultimately save money. Request a quote for the Gates Sonic Tension Meter here.

Do you want consistent, accurate tension readings every time? We have a compact, lightweight, easy to use device that’ll do the job well. It has a clear LCD display screen with black light, and output readings measurable in hertz, pounds or newtons. It also has 20 memory registers for belt constants.

It’ll work on any type of synchronous belt drive systems, including V-belt drives. How do you use it? Just input the belt width and length, then hold the sensor near the belt to measure its vibration! It measures a frequency range anywhere between 10 and 5000 hertz. 

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