What Does It Mean to Have a Laser Shaft Alignment?

Laser Shaft AlignmentIf you own an industrial company that relies on heavy-duty equipment to perform certain tasks, you should have laser shaft alignment done on these machines to keep them running efficiently. Laser shaft alignment, which is also sometimes called coupling alignment, is a process that involves taking two or more shafts on a machine and making sure they are aligned properly. You can perform shaft alignment using everything from calipers to dial indicators, but laser shaft alignment is the most accurate method available at this time.

During a laser shaft alignment, a series of laser beams are utilized to check the alignment of the shafts on a piece of equipment. Advanced laser shaft alignment systems feature software capable of measuring the positions of the shafts and calculating whether or not they are aligned. If they are, you can continue using your machinery as usual without worrying about it. However, if the shafts are not aligned properly, you will need to align them in order to keep your equipment running the right way. The biggest advantage of doing this is that you can prevent equipment from breaking down on you over time.

In the past, industrial companies have relied on skilled operators to check the alignment of the shafts on machines using outdated tools. But this method of doing things takes a lot of time and patience and can, at times, produce inaccurate results if the operator is off with the calculations even just slightly. Nevertheless, with a laser shaft alignment, you won’t have to worry about this at all. Your results will be accurate, and you will know almost immediately whether or not your shafts are aligned horizontally and vertically.

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