Why Plant Maintenance Is Vital

Seiffert Industrial uses lasers to correct machine alignments. Since 1991, we’ve been utilizing precision laser technology for the industrial and aerospace markets, saving hundreds of customers thousands of dollars by keeping their machines in proper alignment. We also are experts at belt tension.
Think about when you’re riding a bicycle. A bike chain that doesn’t work or has loose tension can cause a lot of problems. The mechanical operation of the crank, the chain and the pedals is what makes it operate smoothly, allowing you to have a good time or get where you need to go. The tension needs to be just right for that to occur. If the chain is not tense, you are probably not going to enjoy your bike like you want to.

Besides bikes, think for a minute, about machines. If one part of a machine is “a little off,” it doesn’t work quite right, and when a machine in your plant doesn’t work right, it costs the company, and the company’s workers, time and money.

The industries we serve are varied. They include oil and gas, refining, chemical, traditional power generation, wind powered generation, manufacturing and machining, marine, pulp and paper, steel industries and many others. Applications include pump, turbine, and compressor bases, tower flange measurement, bore alignment of engines, turbines and gear cases, straightness measurement of conveyor and processing lines, parallelism measurement of rolls for steel industries, paper mills and printing.

At Seiffert Industrial, we are dedicated to minimizing your downtime in order to maximize your production and profit. We’re the people companies call when they need their machines properly aligned, repaired and calibrated. In addition, we tighten belts, and we do it well.

Simply put, preventative maintenance saves companies money!