Why Seiffert Industrial is the Go-To Choice for Laser Alignment Tools

Seiffert Industrial Products Made in the USA

Seiffert Industrial has been in business since 1991. With over three decades of experience, Seiffert Industrial has become the go-to choice for laser alignment tools. All sorts of industries, including industrial and aerospace, know that Seiffert Industrial provides reliable, specialized products that help them do their jobs well and accomplish their goals.

Our History and Culture

Bill Seiffert started Seiffert Industrial. Before he started his own company, Bill was national sales and product manager for the Industrial Alignment Group, one of the largest laser manufacturers in the world. Bill decided to start his own company in Richardson, Texas, in the early 1990s, around the same time he developed the Pulley Partner and RollCheck, two patented innovations in laser and parallel roll alignment technology.

Suffice it to say, Bill and his company have been successful over the years because they’ve been focused on simplifying the laser alignment and measurement needs of specific marketplaces. If something needs to be customized or designed so that new needs can be met, Bill’s company is up to the task. The goal is to find solutions to help improve the efficiency of businesses.

Consistent Approach

Did you know that Seiffert Industrial laser etches each system it makes with a serial number and manufacturing date? This provides a permanent, high-quality identification. It is required in the production process in order to have a record of each system for future calibration purposes.

Made in the USA

Seiffert Industrial’s world-class products are made in the USA, which allows the company to  control quality and ensure a consistent product schedule for on-time deliveries. It’s no wonder that Seiffert has become the  go-to choice for laser alignment tools.

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To learn more about the company, and/or ask questions about specific products, please call Seiffert Industrial at 800-856-0129 or fax 972-671-9468.