Why Your Business Should Want Laser Alignment Tools

laser pulley alignment tool

Seiffert Industrial sells quality laser alignment tools. When you need pointing and line lasers for industrial use, take advantage of Seiffert’s LL-1100 series of systems as well as the LLG-1550 series.

What are some reasons you might want to use laser alignment tools?

In today’s world, where time is money, you want to use products that are fast and accurate. You don’t have time to waste and you don’t want to be “guessing” about measurements. Therefore, use up-to-date technology to align machinery– lasers are cutting-edge technology. Forget the old-fashioned straight edge or dial gauge methods– get a laser alignment tool that’s able to measure down to 0.001 mm. Now that’s precise measurement! 

Reliability is important, right? You want to be able to set up your alignment tool quickly and have it provide accurate results. Laser tools have an advantage over older methods like dial gauges, which drop a little. Furthermore, today’s laser alignment tools can generate PDF reports right from the instrument– you can get “before” and “after” reports easily. Screens are high-resolution making them easy to see and read information displayed. 

When conducting alignments you want to take a disciplined approach that’s also fast, precise and repeatable. Laser alignment tools will give the same results no matter who takes the measurements. And they’re easy to learn/use. 

Errors can cause downtime. Thankfully, laser alignment tools are error-free. You don’t need to worry about things like bar sag or setup mistakes. 

Interested in learning more about laser alignment tools available from Seiffert Industrial? Please call 800-856-0129 today or use the online contact form available here. Seiffert Industrial is located in Richardson, Texas, and proudly sells products made in the USA.