An Overview of Laser Shaft Alignment Systems

Laser Shaft Alignment Systems In order to keep their heavy-duty industrial equipment working as efficiently as possible over the years, companies have utilized all kinds of tools to achieve proper shaft alignment. But today, the majority of them rely on laser shaft alignment systems to get the job done. If your company isn’t using laser shaft alignment systems yet, you should seriously consider doing it moving forward. Here is what you need to know about these systems.

What are laser shaft alignment systems?

Laser shaft alignment systems are tools that are designed to make sure industrial equipment is aligned properly. These systems usually include two sensors as well as rods, chains, brackets, and a display. They can also be outfitted with extended chains and longer rods when necessary. Many of the laser alignment systems on the market today come with Bluetooth and the ability to sync up with a smartphone or tablet computer.

How do laser shaft alignment systems work?

When using a laser shaft alignment system, an operator will mount the sensors for it to the stationary and movable shafts on a piece of equipment before turning the laser beams on the system on. They’ll then run the system to measure the alignment of the equipment using its specific dimensions. They’ll be able to tell if equipment is misaligned so that it can be brought back into alignment to ensure efficiency.

What are the advantages of using laser shaft alignment systems?

There are so many advantages of using laser shaft alignment systems rather than other tools. For starters, laser shaft alignment systems are extremely portable and easy to use in just about any industrial environment. They’re also able to gather accurate measurements in a matter of just moments. They provide operators with valuable data in real-time and remove human error from the equation as long as they’re used properly.

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