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Renting vs. Buying Laser Alignment Tools

A laser alignment tool

Businesses that use a lot of machinery often have a need for laser alignment tools. These tools use cutting-edge technology to guarantee that machines are aligned properly, thus ensuring that they’re running as efficiently as possible and not wasting time and money. If you’re looking to use this type of tool at your place of… Read more »

Is It Time to Tighten the Conveyor Belt on Your Industrial Machine?

Conveyer system depending on an aligned belt

How’s your conveyor belt doing lately? Is it due for a tightening? The belt is so important since it essentially runs the conveyor, which, in turn, moves products. You want it to have proper tension and it’s a good idea to maintain your belt and/or inspect it every so often to ensure that it’s working… Read more »

What Answers Do Laser Alignment Tools Provide?

Belt Alignment and Tensioning Simulator KX-6550-ST Training Package (1)

Laser alignment tools can help you make sure that two coupled shafts are perfectly aligned so that their center lines have a common axis. They work much better than trying to just use your eyes to line things up, and they also work better than traditional tools like straight edges. Lasers are so precise– they’re… Read more »

The Most Important Measurement Parts of a Laser Alignment System

Laser Shaft Alignment System

What are some of the most important measurement parts of a laser alignment system? There are four parts you should know about: the laser transmitter, detector, brackets and software/display unit. Laser Transmitter First, consider the laser transmitter. Though it may look simple, a lot of hours went into its design so that it’s stable and… Read more »

The Negative Effects of Misaligned Machines


If you work in an area where machinery is present, you know that if the machines are properly aligned, that’s good, and if they’re not, well… that’s bad. What are some of the bad things that happen when you have misaligned machinery? Coupling Damage If and when machines aren’t aligned well, you can expect coupling… Read more »