What Does Roll Alignment Mean?

Many industrial companies use heavy-duty equipment that relies on rollers in order to manufacture products.

As products move from one stage to the next within this equipment, the rollers are responsible for keeping them moving.

And it’s very important for these rollers to be properly aligned in order for them to continue moving things in the right direction.

If rollers are not aligned, it can result in major problems.

  • The material that is moved through the equipment can wander off track if the rollers are misaligned, and as a result of this, the equipment will often have to be shut down and realigned so that more material isn’t sent off course.
  • In the meantime, the material that already wandered off track will usually end up being wasted, and it will force employees to stop creating whatever products your company produces while the problem is fixed.

Misaligned Rollers Lose Companies Money

It’s a big waste of time and money, and even in a best-case scenario, misaligned rollers will end up producing products that are not up to your company’s standards. It can even shut down operations until thins are corrected.

Roll Alignment Tools

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to prevent the rollers used in your equipment from becoming misaligned.

Roll alignment can be done using parallel roll alignment tools that will check to see if your rollers are aligned.

If they are, you can continue using your equipment as usual without worrying about your rollers. If they’re not, you can make the proper adjustments on the fly and get your rollers aligned again in no time.

Seiffert Industrial understands just how important it is for industrial companies to have the rollers in their machines operating properly at all times.

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