The Importance of Belt and Pulley Alignment

Pulley Alignment Pulley alignment is an essential part of routine, preventative maintenance. There are a number of reasons to be sure that maintenance personnel are inspecting pulley alignment on a regular basis. These are a few of the reasons why pulley alignment is so important.

A wide variety of industrial equipment uses pulleys and belts to transmit power from drive motors to the device. It is important that pulley alignment is checked and adjusted routinely to prevent expensive repairs and equipment downtime.

Pulleys that are misaligned, whether the misalignment is parallel or angular, may result in excess wear and premature failure of components. According to some estimates, pulley misalignment may be the underlying cause of half of all rotating machine failures. Proper pulley alignment can avoid a high percentage or failures and the resulting expenses.

Pulley misalignment is a frequent cause of belt failure. It is also frequently responsible for premature bearing and seal failure. In fact, lubrication problems can often be traced back to a shaft or pulley alignment problem that is resulting in damage to seals. In these cases, replacing the seal will only be a temporary repair as the seal is likely to continue failing until the alignment problem is corrected. A misalignment may also cause vibration, noise, and even damage to the shaft.

Maintaining proper shaft and pulley alignment on all rotating equipment is an investment in your equipment and bottom line. Pulley misalignment is an easily diagnosed and corrected problem that can save a considerable sum of money in further maintenance costs and equipment downtime.

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