Anatomy of the Pulley Partner

Anatomy of the Pulley PartnerWe know how important proper pulley alignment is to your operation.

Aligning the pulleys in your equipment will minimize vibration, and consequently reduce wear on components such as belts and bearings.

This can help you to avoid unscheduled downtime and ensure that your equipment works reliably.

Unfortunately, traditional methods of alignment like straight edges and string lines aren’t always accurate.

That’s why we developed the Pulley Partner and Pulley Pro laser alignment systems.

The Pulley Partner consists of two components – a laser transmitter and a reflector. The transmitter and reflector can be easily mounted to pulleys with magnetic brackets.

Simply mount the reflector on the adjustable pulley, and the transmitter on the adjacent pulley.

Indicator lines on the transmitter and reflector are then used to identify and correct the vertical angle, horizontal angle and axial offset on the pulleys.

The Pulley Partner and Pulley Pro are designed to be accurate, compact, durable and easy to use. You can see these laser alignment systems in action in the video below!