How Laser Shaft Alignment Can Help Your Operations

Laser Alignment Laser shaft alignment, which is also sometimes referred to as coupling alignment, is a process that involves taking two or more rotating shafts and making them co-linear. While this process can be carried out using straightedges, dial indicators, and other tools, laser shaft alignment is your best bet because it’s the most accurate way to do it. It’s also the quickest way to align shafts. Take a look at several other benefits that come along with using laser shaft alignment below.

Lasers used during laser shaft alignment won’t be affected by gravity.

Two things you’ll have to keep in mind when doing coupling alignment are gravity and bracket sag. Your calculations can be thrown off by these things and can cause issues. Fortunately, neither of them will affect the lasers that are used when doing laser shaft alignment. The same can’t be said for other alignment tools.

Laser alignment systems feature software that allows for quick, accurate calculations.

Most laser alignment systems used for coupling alignment come packaged with on-board software that is capable of crunching numbers for quickly to give you accurate values for all measurements. This will save you from having to do this yourself and can lead to more precise alignment. Many laser alignments systems on the market today also have the ability to correct shaft alignment issues like soft foot and base bound conditions.

Laser alignment systems can store data for you and make record keeping easy.

Once laser shaft alignment is finished, your shafts will be aligned. However, you will need to maintain them over time to keep them aligned. A good laser alignment system can store data for you and allow you to record it so that maintenance will be easier than ever before.

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