Maintain Equipment Calibration With High Precision Levels

3500-2ax-centerHere at Seiffert Industrial, we know how important it is to maintain precise calibration on pieces of heavy manufacturing equipment.

When equipment isn’t properly calibrated and maintained, it can have a negative impact on productivity and even cause costly mechanical malfunctions.

That’s why we offer 2-axis high precision digital levels that can easily be used to assess and maintain proper equipment calibration.

Traditional levels can be unreliable and subject to user error. 2-axis digital laser levels, on the other hand, are precise, reliable and remarkably easy to use.

Use them to calibrate equipment during installation, or to identify and resolve calibration issues later on.

  • A sturdy, 3-point contact base prevents rocking during calibration, while the laser level guarantees unparalleled accuracy.

We even offer a digital level with a built-in vibrometer to help eliminate excessive equipment vibration.

These high-precision digital levels also feature USB and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can upload results and monitor equipment calibration remotely from a PC or mobile device.

Using the PC-Sync software from Digi-Pas, you can view real-time results, generate graphs based on data gathered from your digital levels and more.

  • This can be helpful for tracking trends over time, and developing new strategies and protocols to maintain precise equipment calibration. To see the PC-Sync software in action, you can check out the video at the bottom of this post!

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