New York’s MTA Considers Lasers In Safety Precautions

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Following a series of unfortunate deaths involving the New York subway system, The MTA is developing new strategies to combat the problem. One of the possible solutions to prevent any further tragedies consists of using a laser security system.

The MTA is exploring the idea of an alarm system that will send off all sorts of noises and signals if a person were to fall onto the tracks. According to The Village Voice, a New York City publication, “Thomas Pendergast announced on Monday that laser beams, typically used for security, could sense when someone is in an unwarranted area.” The lasers breach and alarms going off would give the train conductor enough time to react in order to keep the fallen pedestrian out of harm’s way.

A similar system is already in use not far away in New Jersey, along the PATH. Because a similar laser system is already in use, the MTA has something to work with and won’t rely on other costly, experimental security measures. “This gives the idea a bit more steam than the experimental platform doors one, especially because it’s much less expensive (price tag for aforementioned proposal: around $1 billion for the whole subway system).”

More and more, the uses of lasers are being utilized in public. Security, safety, laser alignment and maintenance tasks, the technology has made its way from futuristic thought to modern day application.