Precision Laser Alignment is a Crucial Aspect of an Industrial Company’s Operation

Quality control on milling CNC machine which is precise thanks to laser alignment system

Your company wants to do well. That means quality matters and customers need to be satisfied, right? One thing industrial and manufacturing companies should concentrate on is precision laser alignment for their machinery and equipment. Thanks to laser technology, laser alignment can be done fast and efficiently, eliminating the need for dial gauges or straight edge methods. Laser tools can measure down to 0.001 mm.

Modern Laser Alignment Tools Are Easy to Use and Extremely Reliable

Today’s laser alignment systems are thankfully quick to set up, as well as easy to use and reliable. They’re better than old technology. Their speed and precision ultimately save your company money. Offering a disciplined and repeatable process, laser alignment systems are accurate no matter who takes the measurements, and PDF reports can be generated directly from the instrument, documenting results. When you want better control over your machines, generate reports both before and after alignment and see what improvements were made.

With lasers, you get a true representation of machine frame distortion. You don’t have to be a specialist to use the equipment, and with a wireless unit, follow the machine movement with live values at the points where the machine is adjusted. It’s really quite convenient, with the opportunity to expand the types of alignments and measurements you do.

With high-resolution technology, laser alignment systems are typically error-free, help your company use less energy in the long run, and also help eliminate errors associated with older technologies.

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