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Understanding the Importance of Bore Alignment

Bore alignment is an engine machining process which establishes a perfectly straight bore for crankshaft and camshaft housings. Bore alignment and measurement is a vitally important task for many applications. When assembling an engine block, this is the most essential step. In order to avoid damage, the tunnels or saddles for crankshaft and cam rotation have to… Read more »

Lasers That Can Look through a 2-Centimeter Gap

Laser technology is making the world a safer place across many sectors, not just in our own field. Scientists at the Harbin Institute of Technology have just created an application for lasers that can look through a 2-centimeter gap, like a keyhole, to map an entire room without being inside it. This could potentially revolutionize… Read more »

Lasers Essential in Aeronautical Communication

The capabilities of laser technology are just now being tapped. Nowhere is practical application of lasers being more thoroughly tested than in aeronautical communication. A project dubbed OPALS (Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science) has been in the works for the better part of this year and has proven that Earth to Space communications using laser… Read more »

Laser Weapon Technologies

Here on the Seiffert Industrial blog, we have to work really hard to dispel many of the misconceptions, however intriguing, have developed over the years about laser technologies. The photon pistols of science fiction have remained a part of science fiction since they were dreamed up for films. The near future may just hold new… Read more »

Professional Alignment System for Straightness

The FixturLaser is a simple solution when it comes to measuring straightness. This device can be used on a wide range of systems including everything from machine beds to guide rails. No matter what type of application you need the FixturLaser for, it is a simple device that anyone can use. In order to make… Read more »