Understanding the Importance of Bore Alignment

Bore alignment is an engine machining process which establishes a perfectly straight bore for crankshaft and camshaft housings. Bore alignment and measurement is a vitally important task for many applications.

Bore Alignment Helps Prevent Damage

Laser Alignment Systems and Measuring Tools

In order to avoid damage, the tunnels or saddles for crankshaft and cam rotation have to be straight. Without it, the rotating part will bend or flex with each revolution. You have to establish the correct crank center-line. It is critical since other machine processes are based off that line.

Using a laser system like our laser-based geometry system will make bore alignment easier and more user-friendly. With our alignment tools, you set the laser beam roughly parallel to a center line. Two points can be used as references. The program allows for up to 99 points to be measured.

Laser Alignment Tools Are User Friendly

Once the laser alignment tool is in place, an animated display screen provides easy-to-understand graphical representations of the measurements and adjustment process. This powerful software platform makes bore alignment a remarkably straightforward process.

Using our products, bore measurement can be accomplished using one of two methods—the clock method and the arc angle method. The former is well-suited to full bore measurements, while the latter is designed for half bore measurements. Thanks to illustrated graphical readouts, both methods can be used easily and effectively with this device.

For this type of equipment, we also offer training and rental services. For more detailed technical information about the which laser alignment system would best suit your needs, you can find a complete spec sheet on our downloads page.