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United States Navy Debuts New Laser Weapons System

Just about every industry finds new uses for laser technology each year, including the military. The Navy specifically has outfitted one of their ships, the USS Ponce, with a new laser weapon. This laser gun was first installed on the ship last summer, and it has been operational for several months. The ship is currently… Read more »

Lasers Essential in Aeronautical Communication

The capabilities of laser technology are just now being tapped. Nowhere is practical application of lasers being more thoroughly tested than in aeronautical communication. A project dubbed OPALS (Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science) has been in the works for the better part of this year and has proven that Earth to Space communications using laser… Read more »

Laser Weapon Technologies

Here on the Seiffert Industrial blog, we have to work really hard to dispel many of the misconceptions, however intriguing, have developed over the years about laser technologies. The photon pistols of science fiction have remained a part of science fiction since they were dreamed up for films. The near future may just hold new… Read more »

The Use of Lasers in Hollywood

There are few more powerful and accurate tools in our society than the laser. Shooting a straight beam of pure energy, lasers have many practical applications in our world. Not surprisingly, the unique nature of lasers have also made them a favorite prop on movie sets for some of the most suspenseful and unique film… Read more »

Laser Uses in Archaeology

Happy 2014 from the professionals at Seiffert Industrial! Lasers had quite a 2013, especially leading up to 2014, as they led the charge in the cosmos in terms of space travel and defending against asteroids. Advancements were made in terms of bomb detection. The dream of every mad scientist came true when it was realized… Read more »