Types of Pulley Misalignment

Pulley Misalignment If you work with industrial equipment on a regular basis, then you know about the dangers associated with pulley misalignment. The belts used in pulleys can wear out more quickly than they should when pulleys aren’t aligned properly. They can also waste energy. Check out the different types of pulley misalignment you might be forced to deal with in an industrial setting below.

Vertical angle misalignment

When a pulley has an angular error stemming from the incorrect positioning of a machine, it’s said to have a vertical angle or twisted misalignment. This particular type of misalignment can usually be fixed by lifting up the front or rear feet of the motor that is being used to power the pulley. Nevertheless, before that can be done, it’s important to find out exactly what is causing the vertical angle error so that the proper alterations can be made.

Horizontal angle misalignment

In the case of a horizontal angle misalignment, the driver of your pulley and the driven unit are not positioned parallel to one another, which causes problems. This type of alignment is usually the result of your motor or other applications being positioned incorrectly. You can often times correct it by moving the front or rear feet of your motor either forward or back depending upon what kind of horizontal angle error you are dealing with.

Parallel misalignment

While vertical angle and horizontal angle misalignment can both be complex issues, parallel misalignment is much simpler in most cases. It occurs when the motor for a pulley is either too far back or too far forward, resulting in the incorrect positioning of the motor. It can be fixed relatively quickly by changing the position of the motor to align the pulley again.

Pulley misalignment might seem like a small problem, but it can cause big issues down the line when it isn’t found and corrected. Seiffert Industrial can help solve your pulley alignment issues with laser pulley alignment and other services. Call us at 800-856-0129 to take advantage of them today.